Lowell Finance is a convenient tool for financing transactions for the clients of our partners. Our services could be useful for professional agencies of international real estate working with Russian clients.

Partnership between real estate agency and mortgage broker Lowell Finance will allow the agency to focus on the most important aspect of work – selection of objects and working with clients in details regarding it. A lot of clients would like to get consulting with the lending expert, but for different reasons they don’t do it directly with specialist of the bank. We will take care about getting mortgage financing, as well as providing to the client high quality services. You will be also updated about every stage of our work. Lowell Finance offers interesting working conditions for the real estate agencies.

Benefits of partnership with Lowell Finance:

  • You do not lose time for working with mortgage for the client
  • Expert recommendations and up-to-date lending terms. Already at preliminary consultation we will be able to suggest banks which best of all correspond to the profile and requests of the client. It will considerably expand opportunities of financing and will accelerate the whole process of buying property from selection till final sign
  • The client hasn’t yet selected property, because at first he would like to be sure that he will get financing? In this case, we will get preliminary approval for mortgage from the bank
  • Our understanding about the specificity of income for Russian clients and ways how to show it for the banks, while it is the main problem for banks to get it clear. We know how to present Russian files to EU banks and have big experience in this field
  • Ensuring transparency of relations: you are aware on all stages of work with the client regarding getting mortgage and understand at which stage the client currently is
  • Lowell Finance offers attractive partner referral fee
  • Vast experience and knowledge are trust-forming.


Let our professionals deal with mortgage loan services for your clients, and we will be able to do your business more successful and profitable. We are always open for business contacts. To get more details, please contact:

Alexey Pavlov Development Director Alexey Pavlov
phone+7 (495) 744 00 39 / +33 (0)4 83 58 05 69